Balcony roofing
Balcony roofing

Our canopies are made of weatherproof and powder-coated aluminium and are produced in Germany according to strict quality controls.

The roofs can be equipped with laminated safety glass (VSG) with a thickness of 8mm and 10mm or multiwall sheets (polycarbonate) with a thickness of 16mm.

Options & Accessories


There are various options for the roofing, depending on requirements, you can choose between laminated safety glass and polycarbonate.

VSG glass 8mm clear

Light transmission: 63%
Energy transmittance: 52
Noise reduction: 36dB
Glass thickness: 8mm

VSG glass 8mm opal

Light transmission: 63%
Energy transmittance: 52
Noise reduction: 36dB
Glass thickness: 8mm

Polycarbonate 16mm clear

Light transmission: 70%
Energy transmittance: 62
Noise reduction: 21dB
Glass thickness: 16mm

Polycarbonat 16mm opal

Light transmission: 55%
Energy transmittance: 54
Noise reduction: 21dB
Glass thickness: 16mm

Colour selection

Anthracite and grey/silver can be selected as standard colours, desired colours are possible on request and at an extra charge.

Anthracite RAL 7016

Grey/Silver RAL 9006

Desired colour RAL


You can extend your cold conservatory with an on-roof, under-roof or vertical awning.


Underroof awning


Rooftop awning

VD Montage 4

Vertical awning

Lighting & Sound

As an option, the cold conservatory can be equipped with LED lighting or loudspeakers.


Dimmable minispots (continuous current)

Pluggable and dimmable system with connecting cables, distributor, transformer dimmer and remote control. The high-quality LED lighting ensures that your patio roof or carport is transformed into a beautifully illuminated space after sunset. The LED lighting creates a perfect illumination under your patio roof to enjoy long summer evenings.

VD Lautsprecher

Bluetooth Micro Speaker

Ideal for installation in a patio cover due to the minimal size and rear waterproof design. Enjoy the music on your terrace in a beautiful design and excellent sound. Due to the small diameter, the speakers can be easily installed in the frame of a patio canopy and are hardly visible. The speakers are available in a set of 2 or 4. You can easily connect your smartphone to the speakers and operate them via smartphone or remote control.

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