Statics & Certificates
The statics for the roofing
Statics & Certificates
The statics for the roofing


The statics for our products

The terrace roof, carport or cold conservatory is a rather small building project compared to a house. However, the structural requirements should not be underestimated. Because like any other roofing, the roof of the terrace is exposed to all kinds of weather. Heat and frost, snow and rain, but also storms must be taken into account.

Those who choose our roofing, carport or cold conservatory buy a product where they do not have to calculate the statics for the product themselves and arrive at a plausible result. In this case, the calculation is part of the scope of delivery and can be submitted in completed form to the responsible building authority.

Those who build the roof themselves, on the other hand, have to deal with the static calculation and pay attention to many equally important details. A stable supporting structure is the basis of safety and influences both the internal and external building statics. The materials used are important in the calculation, as they have a lasting effect on stability and load-bearing capacity at rest and under stress. Every expert construction planning and assembly is preceded by a structural calculation of the essential factors.

Snow load zones

Snow load zones for Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria


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